What are enhancements?

The state of California has statutes known as DUI enhancement laws that are designed to add more penalties to the standard penalties for a DUI conviction. These penalties are intended to address additional offenses, in addition to the crime of DUI in California, whether this is a first, second, third, fourth, or subsequent offense within 10 years.

The law firm of Howard Williams have years of experience with California’s DUI enhancement laws and know how to defend you. The allegation of just one of the State’s many DUI enhancement laws could significantly increase the time you are ordered to spend in jail or state prison, as well as increase the other penalties that are part of your DUI conviction.

The following are some of these enhancements:
High Blood Alcohol – A DUI conviction in which you have a blood alcohol concentration of .15% or greater can be grounds to enhance DUI penalties and/or the refusal to grant probation.(California Vehicle Code Section 23578)

Refusal – Refusing to undergo a chemical test can lead to additional enhancements . One of these is a one year license suspention even for a first time DUI (California Vehicle Code Section 23577)

Minor Passenger in the Vehicle – A person convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs when a passenger younger than 14 years of age will be ordered to serve an additional 48 hours in custody if this is his or her first DUI offense, 10 days in custody for a second DUI offense, 30 days for a third DUI offense, and 90 days for a 4th DUI offense.(California Vehicle Code Section 23572).

Call The Law Firm of Howard Williams for a friendly free consultation regarding your DUI case. We will handle any enhancements in your case.

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