El Cajon Felony DUI

El Cajon Felony DUI Attorney

Most of the DUI charges in El Cajon are a misdemeanor offense. However, there are certain circumstances when a DUI charge is classified as a felony. These cases are complex and come with penalties much more severe than misdemeanors. DUI with injury, multiple DUI offenses and vehicular manslaughter can be felony offenses.

Have you recently been arrested for a DUI in El Cajon? DUI Crew can help you fight your case. The El Cajon DUI attorney has the experience to defend clients against misdermeanor, and felony DUI’s. Our attorneys understand how the legal system can be of benefit to our clients and will effectively represent our clients at DMV hearings to have the best opportunity to keep their driving privileges and stay out of jail.

Misdemeanor vs. Felony DUI Charges in El Cajon

A felony is a more serious offense than a misdemeanor. If convicted of a misdemeanor, you can be punishable by up to 12 months of jail time. A felony punishment has a minimum of 1 year in prison. More serious felonies can have punishments of several years in a prison or state correctional facility, life in prison or even the death penalty in certain states, depending on the severity of the case.

It is not likely for a felony DUI offense to result in the death penalty, but a driver can possibly face up to 4-10 years in prison for a very serious charge like vehicular manslaughter. Being convicted of a 4th DUI offense can result in up to 3 years in prison.

Fighting Your Case

Don’t jeopardize your future if you are facing felony DUI charges. The El Cajon DUI lawyers at DUI Crew are here to help you. With our 100% free confidential consultation you can better understand your charges and options you have to avoid spending the next several years of your life behind bars. There is hope with every case, and there is always something that a good DUI lawyer can do for you.

Contact an El Cajon DUI lawyer if you’re facing charges for multiple DUIs, DUI with injury or vehicular manslaughter etc.