DUI Trial

El Cajon DUI Defense Attorney

Is your DUI going to trial?

Usually in a DUI trial, evidence is presented to the jury for them to determine if the defendant “beyond a reasonable doubt” committed the crime of DUI / drunk driving in question. The purpose of the trial is for the prosecution and the defense to present their sides of the case. The prosecution presents their case in efforts to secure a conviction, and the defense attempts to obtain a verdict of “not guilty” and exonerate all charges. Once both the prosecution and defense have argued their sides of the case, the jury decides together to determine the defendant’s guilt or innocence.

The El Cajon DUI lawyers at DUI Crew have represented clients in many trials and secured successful outcomes. Talk to an El Cajon DUI attorney immediately if you are facing a DUI trial. Our attorneys will investigate all charges against you to investigate any errors or infractions that were possibly made at your arrest. If any evidence is found, our attorneys will present it to the court to try and get your charges reduced or even dismissed.

During a DUI trial there are 6 phases:

  • Choosing the jury
  • Opening statements of the prosecution & defense
  • Witness testimony & cross-examination by prosecution & defense
  • Closing arguments by both sides
  • Jury instruction
  • Jury deliberation and delivery of the final verdict
  • Having a good lawyer represent you at court can greatly increase the chances of successfully winning your DUI trial.

    Contact a El Cajon DUI lawyer at DUI Crew if you’re facing trial for a DUI.