Wet Reckless

El Cajon DUI Defense Attorney

In some El Cajon DUI cases, the defendant may be offered a wet reckless charge as a plea bargain. In California, a wet reckless is still related to a drunk driving violation. A DUI offense reduced to a wet reckless is a legitimate plea bargain versus the more serious crime of driving under the influence.

Benefits of a Wet Reckless Plea Bargain

  • It is considered to be a less serious crime than a DUI
  • A conviction of a wet reckless has more lenient penalties than a DUI
  • No requirement to get an SR22 Certificate with your insurance company
  • No criminal record of a DUI
  • May not require disclosure to employers
  • Wet Reckless does not have a minimum jail time requirements
  • In California, a Wet Reckless may require only 12 hours of DUI classes
  • If probation is required for a Wet Reckless charge, it’s usually shorter than a DUI
  • A Wet Reckless Charge comes with less/smaller fines & monetary penalties than a DUI
  • Disadvantages of a Wet Reckless Plea Bargain

  • The California DMV still sees a wet reckless as an alcohol related driving incident
  • Your insurance company is likely to raise your premiums
  • A Wet Reckless still counts as a prior offense if you’re ever charged with another DUI