DUI Penalties

El Cajon DUI Defense Attorney

DUI First Offense:

Jail Time: 4 days – 6 months.

Fines: $390-$1,000 plus penalty assessments.

License Suspension: 4 months suspension. May apply for hardship permit after 30 days. If under the age of 21, 1 year suspension.

Ignition Interlock Device (IID): This is up to the court’s discretion

Vehicle Impound: This is up to the court’s discretion

DUI Classes: 3 months+ if BAC is high

Probation: 3 years (informal)

Community Service: some courts permit you to work off fines

Second Offense Plus:

Jail Time: 90-120 days mandatory jail. No more than 1 year.

Fines: $390 to $1,000

License Suspension: 1 year suspension.

Vehicle Impound: Yes. Vehicle may be seized and disposed if multiple offender.

DUI School: 18-30 months, depending on whether it’s a 2nd or 3rd violation.

Probation: 3-5 years informal(no probation officer to report to), OR formal probation if it’s a third offense or more.

Community Service: 10 days mandatory as an alternative to serving jail time.

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